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Torre Agbar
- 142 m high
office building in Barcelona.
Architect - Jean Nouvel

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Barcelona modern history - Barcelona during the 20th century

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Barcelona under attack 1939 - Placa Catalunya being bombed
Bombs over Barcelona in 1939. (click to enlarge.)

Spanish Civil War

In 1931 Spain's second Republic was established and King Alfonso XIII went into exile. Not only did Catalonia get its own parliament, but also the right to use its own flag and the recognition of using Catalan as the region's main language. 

However, in 1936 the army revolted and this became the starting point for a brutal and bloody civil war. In the first year, anticlerical opponents burned down many churches. Barcelona, which was on the republican side, was the most important city for the International Brigade. It also was one of the last cities to capitulate to General Franco's troops at the end of the war in 1939.

The Civil War took the lives of more than 700 000 soldiers and 50 000 civilians. The civilians either got executed or killed in the many bomb attacks. 

Barcelona was the most bombed city in Spain. The strategy was to kill the civilians in order to demoralize the soldiers on the front, as all of them had friends and family in the city. This act of war would later be used on a much larger scale during the Second World War, both by the Germans and the Allies.

Barcelona and Catalonia had to pay a high price for their defeat in the Civil War. General Franco established a dictatorship over Spain and the autonomous rights of Catalonia were taken away. The Catalan language was strictly forbidden, even in churches and schools. In the following years Barcelona received very little money from the government in Madrid, and for the next 30 years Spain was basically cut off from the rest of Europe and the world. 

After the war

Despite all that had happened, the city and industry managed to recover in Catalonia. People from poorer parts of Spain made their way to Barcelona, hoping to find work and a brighter future. 

The tourist boom of the 1960’s really helped the local economy, but it also established a contact between Franco's conservative Spain and a more modern Europe. However, it also led to some cultural changes that took some time for Spanish society to accept. The disapproval of the conservative population to blonde Scandinavian girls sunbathing topless on the Spanish coast is an example of this.

After General Franco's death in 1975 Spain didn’t take long to get out of its isolation. The grandson of the late King Alfonso XIII, Juan Carlos, was declared the new king. King Juan Carlos I successfully oversaw the transition from dictatorship to parliamentary democracy and in 1978 the regions of Spain won back the autonomy they had before the Civil War.

Most Catalans were happy with the restoration of autonomous rights and of Catalan as an official language. However, there are still many people who demand total independence.

Port Olimpic - The left tower in the background is Hotel Arts
  Port Olímpic was built for the Olympics in 1992

Spain joined the European Union in 1986. This, along with hosting the Olympics in 1992, led to a long financial boom.


Barcelona - Neil Schlecht 2002

The latest from Barcelona.
The magic kings are almost here

On Thursday, the arrival of the three kings parade will fill Barcelona with joy and excitement. The parade starts at 18:00.

See map over the parade
Koku Kitchen - Ramen in Barcelona

Swedish chef Robban Johansson is the creator behind Koku Kitchen, a ramen restaurant on Carabassa street down in central Barri Gotic. Do not miss next time around in Barcelona.

Koku Kitchen on Facebook
The three kings arrives to Barcelona on Thursday

As each year, the Three Kings receive a warm welcome from the people of Barcelona while they parade through the centre of the city. The parade start at 18:00 it will come to an end at 21:00.

Photos from the parade
Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is definitely one of the best shopping cities in Europe. In Barcelona you can stroll around shopping while passing by historical monuments, beautiful buildings and cosy tapas restaurants.

Barcelona Shopping Guide
Visit the markets!

In Barcelona there are many markets you can shop at. The Boqueria on La Rambla is the oldest and probably the best but there are other really nice ones.

Markets Barcelona
Go Car - The talking car

These small yellow open cars fits one driver and one passenger. Follow a GPS guided route to the best attractions in the city.

Go Car Tours
La Castanyada

Barcelonas "Halloween" is called La Castanyada. This traditional festival celebrated in Barcelona where people will be eating chestnuts and sweet potatoes all over town.

Where in Barcelona would you like to stay?

Do you want to stay close to the beach or in the city center? We help you choose the neighbourhood that matches your wishes.

Barcelona neighbourhood guide
Pablo Picasso

"The exhibition shows Picassos work from him as a boy, his school years in Barcelona to the melancholic blue period, surrealism and cubism in Paris."

Visit the museum
New Year s Eve in Barcelona

To celebrate New Year s Eve in Barcelona is very popular. It is however important to reserve your hotel early as prices tend to rise the closer we come to New Year s Eve.

Celebrate New Years Eve in Barcelona
Hotels in Barcelona
La Mercè 2016

If you are visiting Barcelona next week you should consider yourself lucky. Between the 18 and 24 of September we celebrate the biggest festival in Barcelona: La Mercè! A big fiesta with Catalan traditions and a lot of music. Everything is free!

More about La Merce
Las Ramblas in Barcelona

It s almost impossible to have visited Barcelona without hearing about La Rambla - the busy avenue with its street performers, street vendors, terraces and market, La Boqueria.

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Beer in Barcelona?

After you have had enough cava and wine, it might be nice to try a tasty beer. La Cerveteca is an amazing bar and the boys serve beers from all over the world and for a good price. If you are not sure which one to choose, they let you try first. It is fun and it is delicious. The bar is located right next to El Correos (the main post office)

La Cerveteca
It is time for the Festa Major de Gràcia

Festa Major de Gràcia is one of the biggest and most colorful festivals in Barcelona. During the festival from the 15th to the 21th of August, the streets and balconies in Gràcia are decorated. Do not miss if you are in Barcelona!

Festa Major De Gràcia
Gràcia neighbourhood guide
Top squares in Gràcia

Have you heard about the relaxed and sweet neighborhood Gràcia? Read our guide about how to find the best squares and terraces in the area.

Top Squares in Gràcia

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In May each year Barcelona organize Formula 1
Missa inte Formel 1 cirkusen
Sant Jordi the 23rd of April each year in Catalonia
Sant Jordi and the dragon
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Dream yourself away in the beautiful and mystical Labyrinth Park.
An unknown Jewel


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